Can You Pressure Wash Windows? Tips And Benefits

Can You Pressure Wash Windows1 Tips And Benefits

A clear view through a window is akin to a clear perspective on life; it brightens and broadens one’s outlook. Pressure wash windows to not only enhance the clarity and sparkle but also to maintain the integrity of the glass and frames. This method, when done correctly, can transform windows from dull to dazzling, ensuring they offer not only a view but a vista.

Hot Wash stands at the forefront of power washing services in Dallas and Fort Worth, bringing unparalleled expertise to every job. Our trained professionals know the balance between effective cleaning and caring for your windows, ensuring they emerge spotless without risk of damage.

Select Low Pressure for Window Safety

Using low pressure for windows cannot be overstated. High-pressure streams can cause window panes to crack or break. Therefore, it’s recommended to use a pressure washer setting that is strong enough to clean but not so powerful that it damages the glass. This balance ensures that your windows get a thorough cleaning without risking damage.

Furthermore, the technique used in pressure washing windows is just as important as the pressure itself. Spraying directly onto the glass at a 90-degree angle increases the risk of breakage. Instead, angle the spray and maintain a consistent distance. This method guarantees an even clean, covering the whole surface without putting undue stress on the glass.

Time Your Wash with the Weather

Weather plays a critical role in window washing. Ideally, choose a cloudy day for this task. Bright sunlight can dry the cleaning solution too quickly, leaving streaks on the glass. On a cloudy day, the solution stays on the window long enough to loosen dirt but not so long that it stains.

Additionally, consider the recent weather events before scheduling your pressure wash. If a storm has just passed, debris could make the job harder. If the weather has been dry, dust accumulation might mean more frequent cleaning. Keeping track of the weather can guide you toward the optimal time for pressure washing, making the cleaning process more effective.

Shield Surroundings Before Washing

Protecting the area around windows before a pressure wash is key. Cover landscaping, outdoor furniture, and any other fragile items to prevent damage from the high water flow. This step also stops dirt and debris from the pressure washing water from staining these items.

Securing the interior of the window is vital as well. Ensure that windows are closed tightly to avoid water seeping indoors. Water damage inside can lead to costly repairs, so check the seals and ledges beforehand. This preventative action keeps the cleanup outside, where it belongs.

Avoid Sealant and Paint Damage

The integrity of window seals and paints is sometimes overlooked in pressure washing. Aggressive washing can strip away sealants and paint around window frames. Lowering the pressure and spraying from a distance reduces this risk, preserving these important protective barriers.

Moreover, be aware of the type of windows and paint used on your building. Older windows might have paint that contains lead, requiring a gentler approach. Regular inspection and maintenance of window seals and paints can help guide your pressure washing technique, avoiding harm to both windows and the building.

Expert Power Washing Services in Dallas and Fort Worth

Beyond the windows, the entire facade of a building speaks volumes about its upkeep. Hot Wash’s commercial building washing services are designed to address not just the windows but the entirety of your structure’s exterior. We eliminate dirt, mold, and other unsightly blemishes from the building’s surface, renewing its appearance and protecting its value.

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